Wednesday, 16 November 2011


An spelling error on the Daily Gacha!!!!

t all was supposed to be after Collec but it was infront instead!!!

Special thanks to: The Daily Gacha

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011


A girl going to the toilet in the Bat Fountain... O.O

Special thanks to ♫♪ɔυtє☜♥☞вσʎ♪♫ for letting us use his house!
Also to ღ☺AʟᴇxCᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ☺ღ who is in the photo!

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Monday, 14 November 2011

New Stuff!!! 14/11/11

New things are back in Ameba Pico!

1. Cat Hoodie!!!

You can buy this hoodie for only 350 ag!!! (available in pink, white and aqua)

2. Casino Challange!!! #2

You can become a wizard by finishing this Black Jack Casino challange!

3. Ag Item!!!

You can get a free vegetable item, only when buying atleast 1,000 gold! ($10 U.S.)

4. Free Token!!!

This icon should appear on the left hand sde, saying SORRY.
Remember to accept to get the free token!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Daily LOL #4

Mmm... Halloween Cookies.... Huh wait!!!! Ghosts and Cats can eat them too?

Special thanks to the Eating Ghost and Eating Black Cat! Also thanks to Chloe for letting us use her house!

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The Daily LOL #3

Im flying in Chloe's House!

Special thanks to Chloe, For letting her use her house!

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The Daily LOL #2

Great minds are ruined by this game...

Special thanks to ๖ۣۜsтєf☆Átomos (Left) , ♪тaco вυnneн♪ (Right) for being in this photo, and ƒℓυƒƒєн ραη∂αн for letting us use her room!

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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Daily LOL #1

Crazy people do crazy things with their room photos =.="

Special thanks Mini Rock for your room photo!

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Long Time No See!!!

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I posted any cheats.... I've been searching everywhere for cheats and tips but now, the Ameba Pico game has found about these cheats so you can get banned really easily T^T

So I, Apvw, decided to change this blog a bit. I'll post every cheat and tips for you guys, but I'm going to post new things like The Daily LOL, New Items and stuff like that. So be sure to check my blog anytime soon!!!!

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Monday, 19 September 2011


Code          Effect
/kiss       - lips
/min        - be tiny
tab tab     - freeze
/insp       - lightbulb
/panda      - Panda
/nekohebi   - Pink Ghost Cat
/hungry     - Fork and Knife
/fun        - Music Notes
/conf       - Floating Scribble ( Confused sign)
/angry      - Angry Emoticion
/sad        - Teardrop
/thumb      - Thumbs-up
/heart      - Hearts

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Monday, 1 August 2011

Legendary Ninja Quest

How To Get Legendary Ninja Suit!!!

Before you read this,

First, Complete the Tutorial; Ninja Quest !!

Let's begin now!

There are two kinds of Legendary Secret Box.

You can get this box during the any quest.
(I'll call this N-box.Shown up there /\)

You will get this box ONLY when you complete the individual Quest
(I'll call this S-box. Show up there /\)

If you click these items, you will get ninja item(s).
There are 30 items which you have to collect all.
(shown below             VVVVV)


But I believe there's only two patterns ; the top one and the bottom one. One pattern stays for quite a long time, so you can finish the quest and move to the another map and do it again until you get the rare item.

When you arrive at the finish, talk to the guy with the white head, and you'll get the S-Box!

There are 3 places where N-boxes come out.

I run with this pattern and DON'T STOP!!!!

Until, you will get the S-box!

Do it again and again in other maps until you get the the 'Makimono' of Wind.

5. Riverside

Timing is important.
Follow this pattern. 

Wait until you see this pattern. Get ready to go now!

Now GO!!

You can take a break and get N-box here too.

Now let's go for the second part of the river.
Wait until this pattern. now.. Get ready to go!

Now Let's move! and wait there.

Wait until you see this pattern. Now get ready to go!

Now let's move!

When you arrive at the finish, you will get S-box!

Keep doing this over and over again in a different map until you can get the 'Makimono'of Sky.


When you get all 30 items,  you will get,

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4. Ninja Dojo

There's nothing else then running in this map!

Keep running and running and DON'T STOP!!!!
Do this quest again and again in a different map until you will get the 'Makimono'of Water.

The the S-box appears!

If you wipe only this area,

To get S-box, you have to wipe ONLY the arrowed area. Otherwise, S-box doesn't come out.

So go back and forth only this area.

 If you go near them while cleaning the floor, you can get the N-box.

3. Ooku Living Room
Do this over and over again in a deferent map until you get the 'Makimono'of Ground.

You can even get N-box in this route.

I'll recommend you this route (shown below \/) , because I believe that this route is the best way to get S-box.


There are 4 places where N-boxes are. (indecated below \/)

Do this over and over again in a different map until you get the 'Makimono'of Fire.

When you come back, you'll get S-box!! (You have to come back without falling off from the roof first.)

*Sometimes the roof pattern changes, so you might have to follow the the bottom route (\/).
When you retrieve the flag, you can follow the same route backwards.

Follow the route done below (\/) to get to the flag safely.
This place can be hard or even easy!

As far as I saw, there were 4 places for N-box, and if you finish the quest without mistake, then you will get S-box in the place I indicated in the picture.
When you enter the new area, 2 N-box and 1 S-box will be initiated.
So if you get those boxes, do not repeat the quest in the same map.
Move to the new area to start again!

You can get 'Ukiyoe' (last five common items; items with faces) and 'Makimono' (scroll items with chinese characters) items only from the S-box.

First 7 Common itmes are only from N-box.

Other items are from both N-box and S-box, but only from their own specific areas.

Other items are fairly easy (or maybe medium) to get, but 'Makimomo' items are rare.

So the point is to do the quest without any mistakes to get the S-box, which contains 'Makimono'.